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Just because you have to do some work today doesn’t mean that you can’t have a ball while you’re doing it! Let your creativity drive your day, and it will help you arrive at some amusing combinations, unusual arrangements, and interesting thoughts that can help the day go faster and be way more fun. Simple things that you do a little differently, from eating lunch at a new place to wearing a pair of wild shoes, can help you have a more intriguing day.

Singles Lovescope

Reinforce your positive romantic behavior, no matter what the results. Taking a risk by talking to a stranger deserves a treat in response. Remember, it’s all a learning process.

Couple Lovescope

You’re an energetic powerhouse right now, and you’re more than ready to recharge your relationship. Drop any subtlety and ask for what you want in the bedroom, the boardroom, and any other place your heart desires.


There are no private life problems today, because everyone is part of the same team. It’s a new day in more ways than one. Turning a financial corner is just the beginning.



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