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A friend or coworker you especially like is dealing with some heavy stuff right now, and you need to make exceptions for some of their potentially odd behavior. You might not be sure why things are happening the way they are with them, but you don’t really need to. All you need to do is let this person know you’re concerned and give them time to work things out on their own. More than anything else they need your patience and support right now.

Singles Lovescope

Take the initiative and ask someone you’ve been admiring out on a casual get together with friends. Group outings are a great way to socialize without taking too much of a risk by asking them out on a more intimate date. Test the waters before diving in.

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It’s fantastic that you figured out which diet and lifestyle work for you. It would be fantastic is your partner would figure it out too. Unfortunately, you can’t force them to do anything.


Be open minded about the new life you find yourself living. It’s not by choice, but you can still choose to make the most of it or be miserable. Experiment a little. You may find much to be thankful for.



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