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If there’s anything you really abhor, it’s being told to wait or sit still. You’re a big fan of taking action, sometimes regardless of whether it’s right or wrong. So feeling stalled or delayed won’t sit very well with you, but at the moment there’s really no other way to go. While you’re waiting, refuse to think of this as one of those lost afternoons spent tapping on the arm of the chair in the doctor’s office. Consider that you may be stalled for a reason.

Singles Lovescope

Go right ahead and ask for whatever you need. Your people are there for you and they can provide support and assistance in your search for love. Rely on them. They won’t let you down!

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Make staying healthy a priority right now, and encourage your loved one to do the same. You can help them by inviting them on a walk. Hold hands and it becomes something romantic!


You have a renewed sense of excitement and ambition, and your image of the future is rosy. You’re not exactly a prophet, but if you share your vision, you just might win a few backers.



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