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Now and then you get the feeling that absolutely nothing you do is going to go right no matter how hard you try or how much reconnaissance you do in advance. This is definitely one of those times, so remember not to be too tough on yourself. It’s not just you! Lots of people around the world are going through the same thing, or even worse. Like all things, this will pass.

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Express yourself, especially when it comes to the dating game. After all, relating is all about communicating and participating. Learning to balance on the seesaw of give and take is key to healthy relationships.

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Put your creative energies to work on behalf of your relationship. A new topic could kindle the spark of your intellectual connection.


Pay attention to the way someone near you is behaving. If they are a big bread winner, then you have a lot to learn from them — likewise if they are a spendthrift. The universe has put them in front of you for a reason.



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