Daily Forecast Libra 05-23


Libra Daily Forecast

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Are you feeling stuck in the moment? How did you get here? This probably isn’t the destination you had in mind when you set out, so take a look around and observe the situation. Most importantly, observe yourself as you relate to the situation. The Universe doesn’t leave anything to chance, so if you’re here there’s a good reason for it. Take advantage of this opportunity to focus on developing your strengths.

Singles Lovescope

Money doesn’t stay with you long. Now would be the best time to figure out a budget that works best for your active social calendar. Having a good time shouldn’t break the bank!

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Team up with your partner today and you’ll accomplish so much more than you could on your own. Bounce ideas off each other to come up with a new approach to solve an old problem.


Being self-centered is hurting you on many fronts. It’s even affecting your ability to make money. How can you look at investment issues deeply when you’re so wrapped up in your ego? Give yourself a rest.



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