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Right now you’re definitely capable of making some of your very own discoveries. Common sense is something you truly excel at today. While everyone else has gotten into the habit of grasping for straws and adopting strange theories, you’re able to boil down the problem and get to the heart of the matter in mere minutes. With this much brainpower working to your advantage, you should be able to do some really great things.

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Ask yourself if this the real thing. The best answer to your burning questions might come from your dreams. Meditation or yoga could also help your subconscious channel the answers to your waking mind.

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No one digs a busybody, so it’s best to stay out of other people’s business. You have plenty to work on in your own relationship. Live by example.


It’s a good day to get what you want, if what you want is day old bread and last year’s fashions. But don’t sit at home and cry about it. You still have it good if all you have to forgo is dinner in a foreign restaurant.



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