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Don’t worry, there’s nothing unusual about how you’re feeling right now. All you need is someone to talk to and snuggle up with — and after all the times you’ve done just that for several dear ones, it really shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who’s willing to accommodate you. Oh, and if it is? Well then it’s a good time to increase your circle with some more available friends.

Singles Lovescope

Deep feelings for someone new leaves you feeling emotionally naked and vulnerable. Stop worrying about the future and go with the flow. The less you freak out over what’s to come the better.

Couple Lovescope

You need to be the one to defuse the situation before it gets weirder, and doing so will actually be pretty simple. All you need to do is say what you know the two of you are both thinking.


You want to push your career forward, but it’s not clear how you should be doing that. As frustrating as it may be, daydreaming about changes may be more effective than actually trying to make them now. The right path will be easier to see in the near future.



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