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It’s been a long time since you’ve been in the mood to go out and socialize, and you’re worried. Could this be a permanent thing for you? Nah. This, too, shall pass. At that point, the stars slip out of the comfy-cozy jammies they’ve been wearing in your house of secrets and are ready, willing, and able to make up for any lost time. So, as per usual, expect to be burning the candle at both ends as you party down. Feel better?

Singles Lovescope

Before saying yes to anything unusual, be sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. If that hottie seems just a wee bit strange, consider asking for rain check. Scope them out some more, and if things are okay later, go right ahead and take them up on it.

Couple Lovescope

Allow your partner to be a positive influence on you. If their eating or exercise habits are better than yours, maybe they could teach you a thing or two. Together you can grow stronger.


Like it or not, you’re on the same wavelength as others. You can’t turn off your strong intuition and you can’t make a buck from it, but you can learn a thing or two if you stay tuned.



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