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It’s incredibly tempting to simply go for it and lay down a ton of rules on what you want in a partner, but try flipping that around and thinking about what you can accept. Go for the positive instead of looking for the worst right away. If you’re already with someone, apply this point of view to all that they do for you rather than what you think they’re doing wrong.

Singles Lovescope

Shifting patterns in the stars mean corresponding changes will occur in your love life as well. How well you play with others becomes a key area. Keep your actions appropriate to each situation you encounter.

Couple Lovescope

What’s all the hullabaloo about? Frankly, you can’t understand what your significant other is so excited about, and then you start contributing your ideas. Once you start talking, you can’t stop. Now you’re fired up!


You’re torn between greed and laziness. You can no longer have it all without hard work, and yet you can’t be bothered with the hard work part of the equation. Wasting a day getting yourself motivated is a time-honored tradition for those in your spot. Tomorrow is another day.



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