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If something is broken in one of your relationships, you need to fix it. There’s no point now in dwelling on what caused the problem or who said what to whom. The stars say that the two of you need to focus more on moving forward together. Let go of past mistakes. Be forgiving. Blame just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. What does matter is the quality of your connections with other people.

Singles Lovescope

A romantic partner is something you attract, not something you find. So let your beauty shine and your feelings show. When you’re truly being yourself, people take notice and are intrigued.

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What a fabulous day for the two of you. Leave the floor unmopped and the laundry for later. The kind of romantic fever you’ve got won’t wait.


You may feel like bullets are whizzing by but things really aren’t as drastic as all that. Go ahead and keep your head down if it helps you feel safe, but don’t let anyone catch you quivering.



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