Daily Forecast Libra 12-05


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If you focus on the foundation of the circumstances today, you’ll gain key insight for crafting a healthier, happier life. Think about what’s behind the recent actions of the people you care about. Any strange behavior may begin to make a lot more sense. A long-lost friend could reappear on the scene. Things may be different for a while, but again, if you focus on the foundation of your relationship, things can grow the way you want.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve just got a really good vibe at the moment. Yes, they’re looking at you, so gaze right back. How about a big smile? Work your good energy in the love department and it will do the same for you.

Couple Lovescope

You feel good about your relationship and might want to ramp up the romance a bit, at least for tonight. Your fiery energy is sure to spark something sweet with your partner.


Business is business. So when money changes hands, don’t worry about making out like a bandit. The other principles are taking care of themselves as well as you are. Relax and enjoy the win.



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