Daily Forecast Libra 12-13


Libra Daily Forecast

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Whether you’ve been working to establish a neighborhood soup kitchen or you’ve been polishing up your cooking skills to make more meals for your family, you’re in the finishing stages of a self-improvement project. Let people know you’re ready for a test run and give them a date to try whatever it is you’re cooking up. Should be delicious!

Singles Lovescope

While you’re out and about, be open and aware. You’re very likely turning heads right about now, but if you’re spacing out, you might just miss that significant look, that sweet smile, that unspoken invite!

Couple Lovescope

Your life may be revolving around your relationship, but friends might need a break from hearing about it. If you need to talk about the wonders of romance, try your sweetie, who is as excited as you are!


You’re getting dangerously close to being too overwhelmed to function. Get a grip on yourself. Imagining someone else finishing all of your pet projects should be sobering enough for you. Then get a move on.



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