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Are you feeling intimidated by someone really smart? Has it ever occurred to you that you’re also smart? There is a strong possibility that this person is equally intimidated by you! The two of you need to have a conversation and get to know each other better. You could have a powerful intellectual connection and discover that you have an awful lot in common. It’s time for you to understand your strengths and admit that while you aren’t perfect, you’re pretty special.

Singles Lovescope

Paving the way for somebody else’s romantic progress, like making a great introduction or giving some excellent advice, earns you some Cupid credit now that’ll come back before you know it.

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Taking the initiative can get pretty tiring, especially if you feel like you’re always leading the way. Why not take a break? Tell your partner you need to hand over the reins for a while.


Being possessive can bring out the worst in your relationships. From daily companions to minor associates, ‘things’ are getting your fur up. It’s easy to restore harmony, though. Just remind yourself of how insignificant money is in the scheme of things.



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