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Just because someone rejects one of your ideas doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea. You need to consider the fact that your audience simply isn’t smart enough to comprehend your brilliance! Move on to another person or group of people and see what they think of your proposal. And if they also don’t like it, guess what you should do? Go on to someone else. Try your ideas on them! In other words, if you know you’ve got something good going, keep on going with it.

Singles Lovescope

That one faraway (or maybe just across town) friend you’ve been meaning to call? Now’s the time to catch up with someone who gets what makes you uniquely yourself. They’ve got a reminder for you.

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Switching teams during a debate will confuse your partner and, more importantly, make both of you laugh. It’s not that you’re wishy-washy; it’s just that you can agree with several points of both arguments.


Feeling restless with what you have? Set some unrealistic goals. You need challenges that will keep you busy for a while. They’ll motivate you to work harder and reach further than the status quo.



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