Daily Forecast Pisces 04-02


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When it comes to an upcoming date, you can’t be too meticulous about your appearance. Is it time for a shopping trip? If you’ve got the time (and a few extra dollars in your pocket), the stars say that you should check out the new fashions. You’re likely to find the perfect item. Be mindful of the attitude you’re giving off right now, and remember that your image does send a message to potential new friends and lovers.

Singles Lovescope

Be open to new ideas. You’ve been set in your ways too long, and a shake-up is in order! Even though change can be frustrating, it also opens up different perspectives and theories that never would have crossed your mind.

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You want to try new things, and you might have an easier time getting your partner to go along with you if you speak up soon. The day’s energy is definitely geared toward excitement.


Some relationships withstand the test of time. One of your financial partnerships is interwoven into your future. Unfortunately, you don’t know which one it is until the rest fail. One just may go down today.



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