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Your curiosity usually sends you in some interesting directions, but right now it looks like your quest to know everything has led you down a path that just might be a dead-end street. Today, stop asking why. Probing into a mystery will only give the mystery power over you, so don’t try to figure out why things are happening or what’s behind someone’s new attitude. Just get comfortable with life’s ambiguities and enjoy the mystery of it all.

Singles Lovescope

You feel that you’ve got enough to handle now (including some random fires to put out) without even getting into the romantic stuff. Place love on the back burner for the moment and turn the heat down!

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A career change or upset could get you evaluating your whole life. Rely on your partner to keep your head on straight.


You’re never more careful than you are when your money is involved. Going over all the details takes time, and it’s time you are more than willing to spend. Let burning the midnight oil be your first investment.



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