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You definitely aren’t in the mood for any kind of childish play right now. While you may be forced to concede that everyone can’t be exactly like you, that certainly doesn’t stop you from expecting better behavior from the people you are spending the majority of your time with. There’s nothing you’d like more than for everyone to get along and follow the plan. While your view definitely has its merits, try to include a little flexibility in your outlook.

Singles Lovescope

What you’ve got to say is certainly on point, but your ability to make people feel special and fascinating using your undivided attention (and a few smart questions) should really set you apart today.

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While your relationship is smooth sailing, your friends might be suffering through a love affair worthy of a TV miniseries. Delve into your experiences and offer advice when needed.


What gives you the feeling, ‘I was born to do this’? Is it amassing money and things or is it helping others? Chances are good it’s a little bit of both. So when you don’t want to share, ask yourself what that is doing to your real sense of purpose, and reconsider.



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