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You’re ready to travel, to take off for somewhere you’ve never been, possibly even with someone you’ve never traveled with before. Well, regardless of whether it’s a different state, a different coast, or a different country, you’d better make up your mind quickly. Putting off travel plans only means they won’t come to pass, and that simply won’t do. Ready or not?

Singles Lovescope

Sometimes a person just has to stake out their territory when it comes to romance. That doesn’t mean you have to growl and bare your teeth. It just means that you have to let certain parties know you’re very interested.

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Trust your intuition today. If something seems off to you, you’re probably right. You can set your mind at ease by talking to your partner about your concerns. It may turn out to be a minor issue.


How you became successful is one of your little secrets, and you like it that way. It makes you feel connected to the universe in your own, unique way. Don’t let anyone weasel their way into your confidence — or your pockets.



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