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A friend could offer you some unsolicited advice today, and while that’s your least favorite kind of advice, it still could be advice that you should take. It could hold the key to a new romance or an opportunity at work. They’ve been through this all before, and their experience has taught them lessons that they think you should learn – and they’re right! Make sure you’re all ears when this friend starts to get serious. They’re trying to help.

Singles Lovescope

Do you love them, or do you love them not? You can pluck the petals off a flower to find out, or you can make a list of their pros and cons with a friend. The latter’s bound to be more fun – and funnier.

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You’re indecisive today, so don’t put yourself in the position where you have to make unnecessary decisions. That goes double for those involving your relationship.


There’s no fighting the numbers, only your own procrastination. Keep your head down and your eyes focused on the document before you. The icing on the cake should be completing the task without an ounce of self pity.



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