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Ambition could get in your way now because you’re using it too much! You’re all hot and heavy about a new plan or idea that you think will get you one step higher on the career ladder, but have you taken the time to really learn all the facts? Don’t get involved with stuff you’re unsure of, because it could turn out to be a huge waste of time. Instead, wait things out a bit longer. Don’t act in haste. If this is a great opportunity, it will still be great a few days from now.

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Today you could be reminded of a past wound that has yet to heal. There is no point in holding on to regret, especially if your ex has already forgiven you.

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Have you been off in your own world for some time? Your beloved has been pretty understanding, but they’ve been missing your warmth and understanding. The stars say it’s time to rejoin the other parts of your life.


Blurting out the wrong thing can have dire consequences. It gets you in trouble where it hurts, and you may be surprised to discover that that’s not your wallet. Your tender emotions reveal themselves.



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