Daily Forecast Pisces 05-21


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You and a partner are going to be doing the grown-up equivalent of a three-legged race, wearing a potato sack while trying to balance an egg on a spoon. Sound hard? It is. What’s the lesson? It’s that you two should be mighty proud of yourselves for making it to the starting line tied up like that. And if a few eggs break, well, thank goodness they were hard-boiled.

Singles Lovescope

Make your plans early in the day and do what it takes to stick to them. And keep them simple. Last-minute changes invite difficulties now, while complicated schemes are likely to disappoint.

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Transform from a grumpy moth to an enlightened butterfly with some positive thinking. The power of happiness is strong, and your loved one will appreciate the new you.


Why feel deprived just because you don’t have the funds to go out on the town? You can find ways to squeeze some socializing into all that you do today. Everyone you come across feels familiar enough to talk to or have a laugh with, and that’s priceless.



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