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You are to be commended for trying to see things from all possible angles. Your gift for compassion and empathy is unusual, and it has helped earn you a reputation for being fair and considerate. But right now you might need to stop looking at all the angles in order to act more quickly. Taking time to understand the whole picture is always the best strategy, but it isn’t always a practical one. Use your intuition and logic to figure out the right path to take. Chances are you’re right.

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You’re a great listener now, and nothing’s sexier than being found fascinating by you. Ask insightful questions, find the humor in what they’re saying, and don’t forget the all-important body language.

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Words soothe but also sting. Don’t let your partner say things that bruise your ego. In the heat of an argument, stand up for yourself. Self-respect isn’t a phase.


You live under your own strict rules, but you can still be indulgent in little ways. Being disciplined doesn’t mean living a completely austere life. Take a breath and enjoy yourself.



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