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The resolution to a work issue could be much closer than you think. Some lightning-fast reasoning on your part, in addition to the longer-term analysis you’ve been conducting, could lead to a real breakthrough right now. The way you communicate about it is key, however. Rather than introducing your big idea right off the bat, engage the parties involved in open-ended conversation. Asking a question is better than making a statement.

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You’re tired of walking on eggshells, especially since it’s been happening with increasing frequency over unimportant matters. It hurts your relationships in more ways than one, so let them know.

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Yes, this is a brilliant idea, but it’s going to take more than that initial spark to get the fire going. You and your partner can only do so much. Let time and the universe do some of the heavy lifting, too.


You and the people around you suddenly seem to share common goals. Caring only about profit is so passé. That said, make sure you earn your bread and butter before spending too much helping others.



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