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Despite your best efforts, your career is going to end up back on the front burner of your life once again. This time, don’t fight it. Just go with it, and take care of things that pop up today instead of putting them off. In the long run, it’s much better for your personal life if you deal with these things now. Putting them off for another day might seem like the right move, but you’ll only spend your private time worrying about it all anyway.

Singles Lovescope

Colleagues offer help all the time, so why not ask them about the best places to meet other singles? You might be surprised by how many them are eager to help you find love.

Couple Lovescope

Everything’s just a little bit weird right now. Will you freeze up and freak out, or will you go with the flow? Talking about your feelings with your partner can help you find your way.


You’ll need to be as charming as possible, and nothing puts the damper on your ability to beguile quicker than fear or stress. Relax. Tall yourself you’re going to a dinner party, not a meeting.



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