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Very few times over the course of a year, the Universe taps us on the shoulder and lets us know, via a great big coincidence, that today is our lucky day. This one is yours. Now that you know, imagine all the options you have. The first, of course, is to jump right on any chance you come across (as long as it doesn’t cost you anything you can’t afford, of course) and see what happens.

Singles Lovescope

Get ready to sparkle and shine. You’re at your best when you’re feeling healthy and strong. If you’ve been skipping exercise or indulging in too much food or drink, it’s time to make some changes.

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Keep your private life out of the workplace. Even if your colleagues feel like family, that doesn’t give you free rein to rant and rave about your lover’s qualities to one and all.


Subliminal heavy business is as light as a feather compared to what you are aware of. Don’t get upset just because the world around you seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. Hold on and bet on renewal.



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