Daily Forecast Pisces 12-14


Pisces Daily Forecast

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You’re ready for a whole new level of intimacy with your current partner. Don’t cut corners. Say it all. Every word. The worst that can happen is that you’ll make it absolutely painful for the two of you to be later on. But then, there’s always tomorrow night — and the chance to make up for all that lost time.

Singles Lovescope

You won’t perish if you stand still for a while. Multitasking may be your superpower, but it’s time to stop rushing from project to project and instead focus on your love life.

Couple Lovescope

Get out and connect with people in your community today. If you and your partner don’t know your neighbors, it’s time to change that. Just greeting people on the street is a good place to start.


The pool of money is dwindling daily but your ambition isn’t. Maintaining your slice of the pie means getting a bigger percentage. Take this into consideration when helping yourself.



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