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An interpersonal issue you’ve been grappling with could get extra sticky right now, and you could finally get worked up enough to want to tell it like it is. Good for you. Expressing yourself is important and healthy. Before you do, however, consider whether someone in this situation isn’t coming across a little differently than they are in reality. Or is that the problem itself? Factor this into what you’re about to say.

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Know when to say no, especially if you feel you’ve worked long enough! Your sense of responsibility may be somewhat hyperactive now, but avoid putting your love life on hold forever.

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You’re definitely feeling that it’s time to take things to a deeper level, and it shouldn’t be too hard to convince your partner you’re right. Don’t worry about the consequences just yet.


Do you really want things to work out in the end? Or do you want to win at all costs? Ask yourself that question and be brutally honest in your answer, because the price of ‘at all costs’ gets higher by the minute. It could be worth your while to consider de-escalation.



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