Daily Forecast Scorpio 04-02


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It’s a good time to leap into the center of the action and grab your piece of the pie today. Nothing and no one can stop you once you set your sights on something. Remember that when you feel some competitors breathing down your neck. Step up to the big personalities who usually intimidate you. They’re no match for you today. Your ego has never been healthier, and you’re ready for anything. There is literally no stopping you!

Singles Lovescope

Clinging to your romantic past is a mistake, but holding on to the lessons you’ve learned from them is extremely important, especially right now. Dig back through that great memory of yours.

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You bit your tongue the first time because you were sure your partner simply made a one-time slip, but they’ve gone and done it again. Say something! Remember, we all get what we deserve in the end.


Financial issues, sadly, dominate your thoughts. Your best strategy is to tackle them now so you can have a vacation from the stress and worry. You have what you need to do just that if you apply yourself.



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