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Someone you feel is your equal doesn’t share that opinion. Their recent accomplishments have given them the idea that they’re an authority figure over you. It’s hilarious to you, but it’s serious business to them. You need to wake them up to the fact that while they’ve grown more influential in some arenas, they don’t have more influence over you now than they did before! Deliver this news with a smile and they’ll end up laughing right along with you.

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Someone close might be going through a rough time. Your ability to empathize can make all the difference. Offer your company and a willing ear. Your friendship will be greatly appreciated.

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You’re trying to figure out where all of this is going, but what about enjoying what’s happening between you two right now? Heck, when you look at it that way, this situation just got a whole lot lighter and easier.


Someone is trying to get as much info out of you as possible, but not for the reasons they give you. Use a broad brush. Keep the relevant details to yourself or risk losing control.



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