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You were taken a bit off guard by a dear one’s behavior yesterday, but that’s nothing compared to what a family member is about to pull off today. Does that mean you should automatically give in and let them have their way? Not at all. If you feel like you won’t sleep tonight unless you do what you can to help, be sure to get the whole story. That way you’ll feel justified in whatever you decide.

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You’ve been working nonstop on special tasks and personal projects. Even if burning the midnight oil isn’t your style, don’t give up. Your efforts will pay off in the long run, then you can rest.

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A question you’ve had about your relationship can be answered now in a very satisfying way. All you need to do is rephrase it. Make sure it’s not a yes-or-no thing. An open-ended question is how you’ll get the right reply.


You’re not feeling particularly intellectual, but that’s not really holding you back. You can always rely more on your gut than your head when you’re not in the mood for thinking. They’re actually equally accurate when it comes to picking winners.



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