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Old dogs can in fact be taught new tricks, which you can see for yourself today when someone proves to you just how much they’ve changed! It could be that a penny-pinching friend has finally splurged on a luxury treat, or a shy co-worker announces that they’ve just posted a video of them singing online. Whatever it is, it’s going to radically change your opinion of this person and inspire you to move outside your own comfort zone a little bit. Just to see what happens.

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Your aesthetic sensitivity could be hindering your dating prospects. Everyone appreciates beauty, but looks aren’t everything when choosing a possible mate. Consider people who also make you laugh and think.

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Don’t worry too much about the amount of time it takes you to get moving today — that’s just the way the day’s energy is working. You may need to clear some time to express your perkiness later on.


A certain document is driving you crazy. You’re tempted to take your eraser to all the parts that make you feel weird. Watch out, Big Brother is watching you, even if you’ve lulled yourself into thinking no one in authority is paying attention.



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