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If someone offers you their help today, it’s not necessarily because they want to put themselves at your service. It’s much more likely that they want to come to your aid only because they’re expecting a big payoff in the end! Don’t let them claim they’re a generous person when they’re merely being manipulative. Helping other people must be done for its own sake. Tell them thanks, but no thanks, and let them find someone else to use.

Singles Lovescope

No news can be good news! If your romantic situation seems too quiet, just trust in yourself and take time out to relax, recharge, and renew other (also important) parts of your life as well.

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A relationship can be a battlefield, but laying down arms can actually prompt your so-called opponent (you know, your partner?) to do the same. Ease the tension by exercising some fun, flirty impulses instead.


It’s hard to enjoy life with all you have on your mind. You don’t want to live in denial, but you don’t want to dwell on the inevitable, either. Your challenge for the day is finding a healthy medium.



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