Daily Forecast Scorpio 05-15


Scorpio Daily Forecast

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It’s not even close to being gone yet — that wild, reckless energy circulating in the heavens above you. But you definitely have a handle on it. So when one last haphazard event comes along, instead of getting upset about it, you’ll get through it with a genuine smile on your face. And if anyone asks, you’ll have to admit you really were looking forward to a little bit more excitement.

Singles Lovescope

Flirting is a great way to blow off steam. It’s not to be taken seriously, so get out there. You could find out you made more of an impression on someone special than you realized.

Couple Lovescope

You’ve got some sweet, new ideas that you think your partner is going to like, so open up and make a few suggestions. It could be anything from travel plans to trying a new recipe, but they’ll love it.


Your emotions are your best source of fuel, and your inner engines will be racing pretty soon. You can hardly wait to start. Instead of simply revving your engines and feeling restless, prepare for your big spending spree with some insight, paper and pencil.



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