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Sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth, and sometimes many hands make light work. The latter is the case now, so assemble a group if you really want to make some significant progress or have some significant fun. This way you can get some help taking care of all the details (you’ve definitely got the big picture covered). The forward movement you’ll make will be extremely valuable, and the sense of community you’ll get is priceless.

Singles Lovescope

Instead of dwelling on what the world owes you, focus instead on what you’ve got to give. You’re blessed with all kinds of positive features, and people are naturally drawn to them and to you!

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You will need to use your deepest intuition to figure out what is really on your partner’s mind. The good news is that once you see it, you’ll know exactly what (if anything) you need to do.


You already know how to strike a balance between spending and saving, but now you need to lean towards saving. Being idealistic won’t do the trick, either. This project takes some serious effort and even a little bit of pain. The first positive statement you get is all you need to galvanize your efforts. Until then, hang in there.



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