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Resist the urge to get too deep in your own thoughts and muck about too much in your own subconscious right now. Being introverted isn’t going to help you feel more content, but helping others might. Someone you care about very much is in need of a good listene and maybe even a shoulder to cry on, so reach out. Send some messages and find out what’s going on with the people in your life. Be the supportive person everyone knows you to be, and enjoy the distraction.

Singles Lovescope

When there’s too much happening, it’s tempting to put your social life on the back burner. Instead of pushing the fun stuff to the side, balance your responsibilities and learn to delegate.

Couple Lovescope

You’re going to feel as frisky as you did when you first got together even if that was decades ago! Your fun, flirty energy will get a great response, and you might just lose yourself in the evening.


Maintain your values, even if the dollar crumbles all around you. That means calling out tact as your big gun and common courtesy as your second in command when being forceful.



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