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If it seems that everyone knows something you don’t, perhaps you need to probe the reasons why. Burying your head in the sand effectively keeps you out of the loop and in the dark. It might not be easy to find out what’s swirling around in these waters, but an innocent-sounding question posed to a well-placed source could clear things up. The information may distress you, but keep the peace for now. It may not be the right time to speak up.

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Your muse has apparently gone on holiday and left you wondering why all your creative ideas have vanished. Instead of waiting for inspiration, go in search of things that get you excited about life.

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When it comes to relationship talks, you have to compartmentalize. Some conversations are for fun, while others have a more intellectual tone. And some are big “state of the union” deals. Learn to tell which is which.


You want to say no to everything today and not just because you feel like Scrooge. Your family obligations feel like just that — obligations. You crave something more light hearted or warm, with at least the illusion of choice. You won’t let yourself off the hook, though.



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