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After days of moping around, you’ll wake up this morning feeling like your old self again: charming, impulsive and ready to try anything at least once. So what might be the perfect way to celebrate? How about reconnecting with the gang? After a bit of good-natured kidding about where you’ve been and a whole lot of winks, nods and sidelong glances, they’ll be delighted to have you back in the fold. And you can get back to your unofficial position as head of the entertainment committee.

Singles Lovescope

You love everything a little extra right now, so open your eyes and get out into the world — it definitely seems all shiny and new to you! Use this morning’s good energy to carry you on to something awesome.

Couple Lovescope

Between work issues and friends in need, you might not have the time you crave with your sweetie. Stay up late if you have to. It’s worth it.


You’re stuck in bargain basement land. If you make sure you can afford each purchase before taking out your wallet, you won’t be buying much, even there. But you will be racking up budgetary karma. Keep up the good work.



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