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If something smells fishy to you today, steer clear of it, and make sure the people you care about most in the world steer clear of it too. You’re smart enough to know that you shouldn’t get involved with stuff you’re unsure of, but not everyone has had as much experience as you. A few of the more naive people in your life could benefit from someone like you looking out for them, so you should take it upon yourself to give them a heads up about untrustworthy people.

Singles Lovescope

How the heck did you end up involved in this muddle? Hey, give yourself full credit for being honest. Now you have a chance to extricate yourself gracefully before things go any further.

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Instead of focusing on things that seem impossible, look to things that are within your power to change. If you’re feeling misunderstood by your sweetie, tell them! They can’t help you if they don’t know what you need.


You’re used to the power struggles that happen, but things are getting outrageous. Remind yourself that no money is at stake. If you can handle your finances as well as you do, you can certainly handle this type of silly one-upmanship.



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