Daily Forecast Scorpio 12-05


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You might be tempted to smooth out the edges of your personality and play it nice and safe today, but why give in to this temptation? If you put too much emphasis on not being offensive, irritating, or confusing, how are you going to challenge anyone? Stick to your true ideas, and don’t worry if some people just don’t get it. They’re not supposed to anyway. You’ve got a target audience, so speak to that group and only that group. You can’t be popular with everyone, so why waste your time trying?

Singles Lovescope

What have you done for your love life lately? Make sure you cultivate good romantic karma by putting some positive energy out there, without any serious expectation of an immediate return.

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You are at the top of your game romantically, and can remind your sweetie just why they signed on in the first place. It’s a great night for a date, especially if you get away somewhere cozy.


It’s easy to be flexible when nothing hangs in the balance. You’ll soon be dealing with choices so important they’ll make your brow sweat, so enjoy the ease of what’s before you today. Consider it like stretching your muscles for an upcoming event.



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