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One of those charming (if a tad bit eccentric) characters who is currently in your life is getting a bit too nosy, right now. Your business is, after all, yours. If you want to spare yourself some future exasperation, tell this busybody to mind their own business. Be polite, but prepare to repeat yourself — because they aren’t likely to get the hint right off the bat. Your life is going to be much more fascinating to other people than it is to you right now, believe it or not.

Singles Lovescope

Stories from your past affect your perspective on future relationships. Listen carefully to advice from those who know you best and who have known you for some time. Don’t repeat the same old mistakes!

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This morning, you’re going to want to get a second opinion about something big, but your partner might not like you getting outside advice. Later on, you’ll pass over this issue as if it never happened.


You feel like you’re drowning in numbers. Find something that can keep you afloat, whether it’s your friends, a social group, or simply closing your eyes and focusing on your inner values.



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