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If you have an ambitious project lined up, today is the perfect day to get started on it. Right now, even the toughest tasks will be as easy as pie for you. An early success will buoy you to keep going through the tougher times that might be coming down the line. Despite all the hard work and sacrifice that you will need to put into this thing, you should have confidence about what’s in store. This will be a good thing for you and the people you love.

Singles Lovescope

You cherish your firm belief that quitting is for losers. The thing is when it comes to romance, giving up and letting things flow is sometimes the only way to get what you want, like right now!

Couple Lovescope

A flare-up between you and your partner may seem like it came out of the blue, but did it really? If you examine the situation, you’ll find probable cause. Defuse this before it gets out of hand.


Most things are beyond your control. You’ve come to accept that. But the things you can do something about are screaming for your attention. Start by balancing your checkbook.



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