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If you’re itching for a big drama to come into your life, don’t do anything new, because there’s a doozy of a soap opera coming your way soon! Luckily, it will have an adventurous, lost-on-a-desert-island type of plot and not a teary dreary one. Be ready to roll and travel at a moment’s notice. Is your passport up to date? You might not get a lot of sleep over the next few days, but you will definitely be having a heck of a lot of fun!

Singles Lovescope

That extra effort you’ve been putting into your workouts is getting you noticed, and someone you’ve been sweet on is impressed! Don’t be surprised if they ask you if you need a workout partner.

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The two of you have been having your fair share of tiffs, but this cycle is almost over. The outlook for this relationship is encouraging. Learn to acknowledge that their view is legitimate and things will get easier more quickly.


You’re like a parent on an airplane who should put their own oxygen mask on first. You can only help others if you’re around to do so, so be sure to take care of your own financial needs. There’s no point in ruining a good thing for everybody involved by going under. Don’t come close to risking it.



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