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You pride yourself on being in touch with the latest fashions, celebrity gossip, and cool music, but how well versed are you on politics, world events, and literature? It’s time to diversify your interests. Go to a business website and learn something new about the markets. Watch a historical documentary instead of your favorite sitcom. Being exposed to more things will not only make you more interesting to talk to, it will help build your confidence, too.

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You give off an air of strength and confidence, but deep down you are a sensitive soul. Take some time to nurture that part of you. A little time alone with your thoughts rejuvenates you.

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Relationships aren’t all about candlelight, and right now you’re going through a spot of bother that might make you wonder about the whole thing. Keep pushing at it and you’ll break through.


You may not be making money at your favorite activity but you are earning something. What you are giving is appreciated by others, and by the universe. The returns are down the line.



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