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If you’re having doubts about the trustworthiness of someone close, especially related to financial issues, don’t let those doubts slide. You have nearly limitless intuition about the motivations of others, but it might not work so well with your finances for now. Don’t let anyone cheat you, no matter how small the amount seems to be at first.

Singles Lovescope

So they’re wearing a stupid tie or put a terrible pic online. It’s what’s they’ve got between the ears that’s the real turn-on now. Ask about their favorite blogs and don’t judge them by their appearance.

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It’s a great day to help your partner by tidying up after them — even if they’re ordinarily against it. You’ll show them that life can be easier for both of you if everyone lightens up a little.


Arrogance is just the extra bit of wind in your sails that you need today. Don’t make a habit of being puffed up, but do allow yourself to take your ego out and turn it into a dose of enthusiasm.



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