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Like any relationship, friendships are a give-and-take. But if you’re feeling lately like you’ve been giving a lot and not getting much in return, make an effort to communicate this issue to your friend (subtly) today. If they’re just not getting what you’re saying, they might be too much in their own head to listen. Instead of pushing the issue further, wait a while. Save the conversation for another time when you can sit down and they can give you their full attention.

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Hipness is highlighted under these jet-setting stars. Yours is one sign that doesn’t try to be trendy. You know where the latest hotspots are as if you’re on the receiving end of some secret signal. Romance looks promising.

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You’re already an intrinsically lovable being. You don’t have to improve yourself to receive affection! Remind yourself of that, especially when you start hearing those critical voices in your head.


Sometimes the pioneer spirit isn’t good for you. Wishing you could be home all day making your own soap and raising crops is only getting in the way of the making money. Let yourself have the day to get the fantasies out of your system.



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