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A friend or close family member may be experiencing a significant change in their income, and it’s starting to show in their lifestyle choices. You’re happy for them, but you can expect some jealousy to creep into your attitude when they tell you about their latest purchase. Focusing on other people’s money is only going to cause you to focus on how you compare. Instead, focus on being grateful for what you have in terms of job satisfaction, health, and happiness.

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Listening to fragmented conversations can get you in hot water. Staying in the know is important, but eavesdropping on private chats might steer you toward the wrong conclusions.

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You know the saying about catching more bees with honey? Instead of forcing your romantic agenda, use a little of your charm. They’ll end up thinking it was all their great idea.


The worse things get, the harder it is for you to function. Don’t make it a big deal. All you need to do is move one foot after another. Can’t even get them off the ground? Then make that your focus.



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