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Sure, you’re tired of drama. But it keeps things interesting, right? So when it comes up again, courtesy of that family member who just can’t stand it when things are too quiet, you’ll have a decision to make. Either ignore it permanently, which will be impossible since you’re related; or delve in, get involved right up to your elbows, and lose all self-respect; or wait around the fringes and be honest about your curiosity.

Singles Lovescope

Your favorite cause has you all fired up and wanting to change the world. Start with what you can do in your own community. A local group could use your enthusiasm. As an added bonus, you’re likely to meet some like-minded individuals who want spend some one-on-one time getting know you better.

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You and your partner are practically fogging up the windows, and you’re not even doing anything. The heat you two give off is amazing. Enjoy this passion. Just make sure you don’t kick into overdrive.


It’s not easy to navigate through the minefield of your emotions today, but staying focused on your responsibilities will be a big help. Not only will you forget to explode, but you’ll be getting done the things that will help you put your safety net in the bank.



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