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On days like today, when you may have to fight for some attention, you just have to approach the people you want to talk to and make them hear you. It is time for you to get more aggressive if you want to get anywhere. Whether you want to start a flirtation, score some time with the boss, or just get a grocery clerk’s attention, you’ll have to be the proactive party. Don’t be rude, but do be forceful. You’re smart enough to know the difference.

Singles Lovescope

A few surprise encounters have you thinking on your feet today. You impress those around you with your ability to come up with smart solutions on the spot. Some of your best work comes from acting on impulse. Don’t worry about the outcome. Go with the flow and see who notices.

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You two have crossed wires, but not to worry. This actually provides a pathway for a new connection for you. When you discover what was at the root of the misunderstanding, you’ll find your bond stronger than ever.


Making the right mark is still important, even if it doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere. With such slim pickings, you can’t expect each good impression to pay off immediately. Consider it effort in the bank.



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