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When someone close needs a charismatic, well-spoken ally, they immediately think of you, as well they should! Your gift of gab is shining brightly right now, so it’s likely you end up standing next to a friend, arms crossed, befuddling their antagonists by easily expressing what they’d be struggling to say. As usual, you do a fine job of it, but be careful when it’s all over. Gloating isn’t like you.

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When in social situations, you’re probably the mysterious, sultry one who’s barely saying a word and who’s maybe off in their own little world. Just don’t miss out if someone’s trying to get your attention.

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Rather than debating about who’s right, figure out what both of you can do to improve the situation. Things that seemed like a big deal somehow take care of themselves when you two make an effort to cooperate.


Money is your issue but karma is your real problem. You can’t buy your way out of it, but helping others can help your own situation. Start finding ways to spend on someone other than yourself.



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