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Most of the time, people respond a lot better to concrete examples than to ambiguous concepts. So try to create a physical form for the ideas you want to convey. Charts, graphs, even amusing cartoons might make the crucial difference in getting your point across. You should exercise your creativity as much as possible and try to integrate physical activity. Dancing or singing offer excellent ways to channel your energy. Find out if anyone’s up for a night out.

Singles Lovescope

A new admirer is drawn to you now, and they may or may not be secret about it. Whether or not it’s a perfect fit, the attention sure is nice, and you’ll handle it with your usual aplomb.

Couple Lovescope

The two of you are settling into a nice routine. Think of this as a trial period. Some parts of the schedule might work well while other parts need adjusting. Nothing is set in stone right now.


You’re not the only one being more cautious than ever in business deals. When someone goes over yours with a fine toothed comb, you’ll both be surprised at what they find. An unusual minor detail has you cringing.



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